I’ve worked with Aaron on a few projects and he has proven himself to be fun, extremely creative and a pleasure to work with. He does an excellent job working within a budget and over delivered on my expectations on each project. He has a professional eye for detail and produces high quality work. He’s very talented. Work with him … you won’t regret it!
— Scott Cunningham, Sr Director, Game Entertainment, Atlanta Braves
My company has brought Aaron Chewning on board to lead numerous creative projects over the past 6 years! He’s consistently produced top notch quality content that we proudly use in over 1600+ schools we serve annually. His content reaches over 1.2 million people a year through our program and platform. Aaron’s talent and resourcefulness has added a lot of value to the Boosterthon Fun Run and our clients and stake holders. I’m looking forward to working with him for the next 10 years!

I fully recommend Aaron!
— Chris Carneal, Founder + President, Boosterthon
Not many people can make me laugh at a video after watching it over 50 times! Aaron Chewning can! Not many people can take little direction on a project and hit a home run on the first try! Aaron Chewning can! I’d vote Aaron Chewning for President! But seriously, Aaron is our go to guy for anything funny.
— Jamie Eichler, Executive Director of BigStuf Camps
Aaron has a rare ability to sort through other’s ideas and turn them into something cohesive, productive and quite funny. He knows what the public will react well to, and this marketing savvy translates well as he produces content or works a crowd.
— Callie Murray, CEO + Founder, The Big Fake Wedding